Tiana Hunter needs little introduction to anyone who is a fan of quality glamour photography. She has worked with the top photographers in the field, and has appeared in numerous pretigious magazines around the world. I have longed to shoot with her for some time, but ensconced as I am in Western Canada, the opportunity never arose.

When informed online that she was going to be in Calgary, just 200 miles away, I immediately booked Ms. Hunter and a suite in the finest hotel in town.

When Tiana arrived for our shoot, she was wearing the dress you see her inching out of in the above photos. I can only image how male heads must have turned in the lobby, I expect with an audible snap...

To have the chance to shoot this exquisite creature is a rare pleasure, and I think the results speak for themselves.

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Your Moment of 'Oh My...'
Your Moment of 'Oh My...'