Nicole approached me about doing some modeling, so that she could have some quality images of herself that were unique, and unlike those of a conventional portrait photographer. She had seen my work on the net, and liked what she saw. This was reciprocal when we met. Normally, taking Glamour images of women is what I get paid for, but I liked Nicole's look and her attitude, and agreed to work with her "Time for Prints." She models for me, and in exchange recieves a full set of images and some prints.
We had great deal of fun on the shoot, and I was delighted at the end results. Nicole was a trouper, and had more poise and savvy than a lot of pro models I have worked with, and the percentage of great shots was much higher than I had anticipated.
Nicole has no further plans for modeling, but may be willing to pose for me again in future.
I look forward.