Eighteen year old Felynx came to me courtesy of a photographer friend whom she had contacted about some modeling work. He had nothing for her, but sent me her particulars, because he is aware I always have work for pretty girls with unique styles, who have no qualms about nudity.

Felynx is a small town girl, just starting in the modeling game, and I was expecting to direct a lot, which is the norm. She arrived at the studio, and after a little chit chat, she proceeded to blow my mind.

Felynx is a natural model. She has an awareness of where she is in time and space, leaving a photorapher with nothing to do but press the shutter button and grin like a banshee... We did several sets in that session, and I hope to work more with this beautiful girl in the future.

The bonus image below is a harbinger of a future gallery, some images from which are already popping up on this site.

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Your Moment of Future Fantasy
Your Moment of Future Fantasy