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Most of the Hungry Models come to me seeking material to fill out a modeling portfolio, with the wish to pursue modeling as a vocation. A few have come to me as lovely young women who wish an "experience," or who want to record their youthful beauty, striking, shall we say, while the iron is hot...

Dawn comes to us from this latter group, having contacted me about doing a photo shoot after she had found my site on the web. She sent me some pictures, and when I saw that smile, I could not refuse. We had our first shoot in October of 2006 (the first few images above) and then shot again in July 2007.

Dawn is an absolute delight to work with. She is as bright as she is beautiful, with a personality that shows well in her photos. Dawn does not have any plans to pursue modeling as a regular thing, but I am sure you will join me in hoping she will shoot with ME again... ;)

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