Ashley Elizabeth is a professional Glamour and Fitness model and from the first moment I saw her work I knew I wanted to shoot with her. Her toned physique and beautiful face, along with other obvious charms, make her the ultimate "girl next door", and were very appealing to me.

When I recieved a travel notice from a modeling website I jumped at the opportunity to book her, and when we met was delighted that she posessed a charcter to match her beauty. We had a great deal of fun (the norm at a Hungry Eye shoot) and got a large number of images with which I am very pleased. More will be displayed here, and she also did two sets for my "The Guitarts" gallery, which will be something to behold.

I think you can expect to see more of this Hardbodied Honey in the future, as she has chosen to relocate right here in River City. I will shoot with her again quickly, before an Edmonton winter chases her back to the left coast...;o)

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