Stick that tongue out! Menace me with it!
I am not certain when I first asked a model to stick her tongue out at me, but it appears to have become a tradition. I have joked with some of the girls for years about creating a "Tongue Gallery" and so here it is. A Hungry Eye photoshoot is always a fun time, and I think these images evoke that. So often these beautiful girls appear so sad and serious in their images, I think it is important to show the wacky side as well. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the "Art of the Female Tongue."

BRANDI~1 CFTUNG IMGP0219 IMGP2832 Imgp2614
MRTEST26 TCGTRT12 WP01080 aa01154 ad169
ae01456 ag02194 ak01141 ali01618 ali01681
ali01736 amytung ap04131 ashtontung at01039.tif
aw0180 cj01075 cl02031.tif dd02152 jf01117
jn01136 jn01188 jyp01176.tif jyp01405 kelsietung
kl02037 kl02053 kl02119 kzi04 lt01017
lt0273 mb03206 met01029 met01115 mh06127
monfun01 mr01143 ms01050 ms02338.tif nb01198
op01078 op01079 op01158.tif op01234 rd01330
rf03d64 rh018 saltung sarasvita01256 sg01147
sg01150 sg03240 summtung1 summtung2 tarat024
tbgtart04 tbtung1 vengetung1