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Welcome to "The Hungry Eye"

Thanks for stopping by. You may have noticed a few changes... I have just finished the first phase of a major site upgrade, which will include a simpler interface for better functionality on both computers and mobile devices, as well as rescanned images and updates of old favourites.. I needed to bring the design of this site into the 21st Century. (and out of the 17th...)

In the last year or so I have been making great progress in my Photoshop skills, and I felt it was time to revisit some old favourite images, and add some new ones as well, so there have been complete overhauls of the Beauty and Glamour and the Fine Art" galleries.

I have never been all that excited about the name "Hungry Models" for the beautiful girls I feature here, but it stuck for some time due to my essential laziness about changing it. Since the vast majority of these lovely creatures hail from the province of Alberta I hit on the name "The Wild Roses."
The wild rose is the official flower of our fine province, and we claim to be "Wild Rose Country" on our license plates. I felt it was a suitable moniker for the girls, since they all represent the soft beauty of a flower, and let's face it... if they weren't a bit wild, they would be here, would they. ;)
So check out the new The Wild Roses page, and be sure to visit my VERY FIRST Official "Wild Rose" Vanessa Vicious 19 year old Vanessa is brand new to the modeling game, but she is as eager as she is lovely, so you will be seeing a great deal of her, literally and figuratively...

*Note* April 4, 2010 - Most of this information is still relevant, for new viewers and old, so I only add an addendum this month. Our Wild Rose for April 2010 is Wren Daley of Regina, Saskatchewan. I shot with this willowy beauty last April on my Prairie Road Trip, and am only getting around to sharing the goodness... The other addition for April is a new Guitarts gallery called Django's Girl featuring a very young Madeleine Horn. We shot this feature several years ago but, again I have been remiss in getting it to the small screen. There is also an accompanying video featuring the song "Django" by Stephan Grapelli, who was for years Django Reinhardt's musical partner.The video appears on both the gallery page, and on the Viral Video page.

That about covers it for now. Explore. Look around. Join my Facebook fan page, and get advance notice about site updates...

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy the pretty pictures.

April 4, 2010, 10:37PM